Ian Murphy

Birthday: November 21, 1979
City of birth: Lansing Michigan

City: Grew up in Laurel, MD and have since lived all over.  Currently in Miami


Favourite leisure activity:
hanging out at the beach and goofing off on the internet

Favourite TV-Show:
don't even own a tv.  I like the Simpsons, South Park, the NBA, and pro 'rasslin

Favourite books:
Moby Dick, Fathers and Sons

Favourite music:

Favourite drink:

Favourite meal:
I've eaten some crazy stuff, and am always eager to try something new

Favourite country for traveling:
haven't been anywhere I have yet to enjoy

Favourite quotes:
"I sure hope I can find a decent web-hosting thing for the family reunion site"


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    Ian (Monday, 03 August 2009 21:47)

    I'll look into it. I must have changed the settings by mistake

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    James (Monday, 03 August 2009 21:46)

    why does this page cut off?