obviously this section can be organized any way we want.  Pictures, videos, text, links to homepages or facebook accounts, whatever.  Each family/individual can also have their own page here if they want



maybe it would be fun to give each family/individual a page


people could submit photos and info or whatever and that way we could learn a little about each other before the reunion.  Just an idea

Steve & Martha Anderson

click on their names for the Steve & Martha page

Ian Murphy


I'm Ian, grandson of Charlotte Ruth Anderson.  She married a Binder and my mom married a Murphy, but I still got some Anderson in me

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    Juicers Reviews (Thursday, 25 April 2013 03:15)

    This article was precisely what I was searching for!

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    Russell & Katherine Anderson (Tuesday, 04 August 2009)

    Father: Roy Eugene Edward Anderson
    Mother: Carole Peterson Anderson
    Spouse: Katherine Folks Anderson
    Children: Russell Anderson Jr, Jonathan Anderson, Casey Ward
    Grand Children: Corbin Ward, Olivia Ward, Mila Shea Anderson

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    Ian (Monday, 03 August 2009 21:45)

    that Ian guy looks like a real joker

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    Other Family Member (Monday, 03 August 2009 21:08)

    hey, this is really cool. If I send you some pictures and info, can our family get a bio here too?

    -Karl and Mimi Anderson